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First Post Posted on: 01-16-12 09:05 AM last post first post

For any merchant setup, make sure this perl module is installed:

Business::OnlinePayment version 3 or higher

Some of merchants require a special perl module to be installed or an API or interface from the merchant itself.

For StGeorge merchant, they provide their interface API for different Operating SYstems and different programming languages, for details please check their website:


You need to ask your hosting to download the API Development Kits for your server and install it.


Internet Payment Gateway

IPG Download Page

To view pdf files you may need to download Acrobat Reader.

Merchant Admin Console
Merchant Admin Console User GuideNov'06Pdf 971KB
IPG Response Code Table Dec'05Pdf 79KB
Hosted Payments Page
HPP User Guide Apr'06Pdf 544KB
Batch Application
Batch Application 3.1 User GuideMay'07Pdf 644KB
Batch Application 2.5 User GuideSept'06Pdf 771KB
O/S & Programming Languages SupportedOct'05Pdf 14KB
Generic API Developer Guide(Required for all APIs )Sept'06Pdf 551KB
.NET API Developer GuideSept'05Pdf 1.4MB
Win32 API Developer Guide (C++)Sept'06Pdf 443KB
Java API Developer Guide (Linux + Windows)Jan'07Pdf 534KB
Perl API Developer Guide (Linux)Jan'07Pdf 453KB
Linux API Developer Guide (C++)Jan'07Pdf 483KB
PHP API Developer Guide (Linux)Jan'07Pdf 470KB

API Development Kits

Win32 Installshield
(C++ API v2.2)

Jan '04Zip 4.7MB

Win32 Installshield
(.Net API v2.1 - ASP.NET, C#, VJ#, VB.Net & Perl.Net)

February '06Zip 25.1MB
Win32 Installshield
(Java API v1.5.1)
Jan'04Zip 893KB
Linux Tarball (Enterprise Edition)
(Java v1.11, Perl v3.0, PHP v2.0 and C++ v2.0 API)
Jan'07Tgz 256KB
Batch Application
Batch Application 3.1
Note: Due to changes to the batch file format this version is not compatible with files produced to prior version specifications.
May '07Zip 53MB
Batch Application 2.5
Note: Batch Application 2.5 has been superceded.
Sept '06Zip 46MB

Please note:
The software will not work without the digital certificate provided by St.George Bank. To obtain the certificate, you need to register with our sales department.

Mewsoft Support

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