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First Post Posted on: 06-12-18 12:03 PM last post first post

Starting from Auctionawy 2013 and versions named Webawy, the admin center has auto login reset for the admin.

If you ever forgot the admin center login and want to reset it there are two methods to reset the admin login.

Method 1 - Automatic admin login reset


This method will automatically safely reset your admin login provided you know your domain FTP username and password.

go to your admin url like this:


You will see the admin login page. Click on the button "Forgot Login" as shown in the images below.

A new form will display, enter your domain FTP username and password. Note these are your domain FTP login

and not your admin center login.

then click the button submit, if you entered the correct domain ftp login, the program will reset the admin center login.

Method 2 - Edit config.pm manually


Manually edit the file app/config/Config.pm

Clear the right hand side of the two variables:



so that these two lines becomes like this:

$configs{WebawyAdminUsername} = "";

$configs{WebawyAdminPassword} = "";

to edit this file, you can use an FTP software to download and upload the file in ASCII mode then use an text editor

like notepad to edit this text file. If you download or upload the file in Binary mode it will be corrupted and the software will not work.

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