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gary First Post Posted on: 04-28-13 04:21 AM
How do I add a page?

Hi,\ \ I have searched around but cannot figure out to add a page to my directory.\ \ What I would like is a page which includes my header(top menu area) and my footer area. In between I just want to place an embed code (from another of my sites) to show a flash player on the page.\ \ I tried by adding page in the template section, but am lost after that. Plus how do you call the page created (the url) in the browser.\ \ Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
mewsoft Reply #: 1 Posted on: 04-28-13 09:14 PM
Re: How do I add a page?

I added an FAQ in the FAQ forum for this:

Mewsoft Support

gary Reply #: 2 Posted on: 04-29-13 04:33 AM
Re: How do I add a page?

Thank you very much!\ \ I was able to successfully add my page smile