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All our open source code are multi-lingual, which means you can add unlimited languages and use all of them at the same time and the user selects the language he/she wants to see your site in it.

All products comes with the "English" language only as the default language.

When you create a new language, all the language files are copied from the default English language, which means the language text is "English" and you will need to translate and edit the new language text from English to your new language text.

How to create a new language

*)-Go to your product admin center, click on Language Manager, Under Create New Language:

    Create New Language 
Copy From Language:
New Language Name:  

Enter the New Language name and click the button "Create"

*)-Now the new language has been added to your languages list but still all its text in English.

*)-The next step is you need to assign a "Theme" to this new language. Click on "Theme Manager", then under "Configure Themes" select the theme you wantto be used with this language. It is very important to do this step or the program will display blank pages if you do not assign a theme for each language.

*)-The last step in adding a new language is to translate the text from the default English text to the language you want and this is very easy task. To translate the text or edit it, under "Edit Language":

    Edit Language 
Select Language:
Select File:  

Select any file from the Edit Language menu and click the "Edit" button, you will be able to modify this text at any time.

Important Notes When Editing Language Files:

*)-Some Language variables contains Forms variables and program place holders to insert the program output dynamically, these should not be removed or changed unless you know what you are doing, for example, a language variable CC_CVV_Form on the Register.pm page contains text:

Code: HTML    Select All    Collapse
<input size="10" name="CC_CVV" />

If you change the value of the name= or value= above, the program will not be able to get the input from the user for this variable, so this should not be altered in any way, of course you can modify the forms fields look and feel as you like by using CCS code either by using class="xxx" or Style="xx...".

All the program output inserted in the templates and language variables dynamically. The place where the program output is controlled by what we called plugins, you can move these plugins names or classes anywhere in your templates and language variables. Classes or plugins are some text between the comments tags, for example:

Code: HTML    Select All    Collapse

in the language or text variable, the program will dynamically replace the above code by the Seller ID.

Also classes are in the form --CLASS::XXX--, for example:

Code: HTML    Select All    Collapse

In the above code, the program will replace this code by the Home page link.

Creating Lnaguages Names With None English Characters

  When creating new languages, it is improtant to use English text only for the language name, thi sis because some servers can not handle international characters in in folders names, so the solution is handled as following, for example, to create a language "español", do not use the "español" for the language name, just create the name in English "Spanish", Next you can translate this language name itself "Spanish" to "español" or any other text you want, to do this:

*)-Go to the language manager, under Edit Language, Select the file General and click Edit, Scroll down to the end of the page until you see the "Add New Language Variable to This File", now add the new language name as a new language variable, in the above example, set Variable Name (Case Sensitive) to the new language name "Spanish", and set Variable Text Value (HTML is allowed) to español then click "Create New Variable".

You can repeate this for all languages you create. Of course you need to do this in each language. Now the user will be able to read the language names in the language selectionmenu with your translated names.

Editing Language Files Manually

All Languages text are stored in separate text files we organized and each language files are located under separate folder with the name of the language. For example, the products comes with the English language only, language folders are located under the folder:


and for the English language it is found under the folder:


You can manually download all these language files from the above folder on your server to your local computer and edit these files manually using any text editor like Windows Notepad then upload the files again to the server. It is very important to download and upload the language files in ASCII mode, before uploading or downloading the language files you need to set your FTP program to transfer in ASCII mode NOT in Binary mode. Transfering the files in binary mode will make the program unable to read and parse the language files and all it does will show blank pages or starnge behaviors.

Remenber the notes above when editing language files manually, about the classes and plugins and form fields.

Important note about using Microsoft Frontpage program

MS Frontpage can be used to edit html files as well as many other files types, so do not use it to edit language files. Frontpage disable all the comments (Angle brackets) tages by replacing the "<" character to " & l t ;" and the ">" character to " & g t ; " which disables all the program Classes and plugins and corrupts the program output and starnge results.

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