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First Post Posted on: 03-08-12 06:33 PM last post first post

Are you looking for a feature that does not exist in our products?. Do you want any custom programming to enhance our products?. We can do it for you are very smallprice.

If you need to add a new feature to our products that does not exist until now in oour products or need to modify anything in our products to work as you whish, please ask us here and we will tell you if we can do it and will give you a quote and time to do it.

We have added many features to our products based on custom paid work by our valued customers. These features enhances the products, encourage us to add lots of features, keeps the products are very low prices, keeps the updates free and more.

Custom work prices normally are very small fraction of the actual cost. For example a work that may require 1 week work we charge only like $300 or $400. This small fees encourages us to add the requested feature to the products and we charge only this small fees because we include this work in our product and it becomes available for free for all customers.

Our custom work policy is, we add any custom work we do to the product and it becomes available for free for all customers and it becomes part of the product. If you realy have to orde private features that you do not want others to have, we still can do it but we will charge you the actual cost for the total work.

Please if you have a need for a custom work or features post you request and we will give you our quote if we can do it.

Of course any number of customers can agree among themselfs to split the cost for any features they want.

Mewsoft Support

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