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Importing listings Edit Delete Reply with quote Quote
First Post Posted on: 04-17-15 04:27 AM next post first post
Hello I would like to import listings in to my directory from a text file I see the link "Import Sites From The Submissions Text File" under submissions. However I cannot find any instruction on where to put this text file or format for this file. Can you point me to instructions or briefly explain this for me THANKS
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Re: Importing listings Edit Delete Reply with quote Quote
Reply #: 1 Posted on: 04-17-15 05:19 PM last post previous post

You can use the builtin webs spider and the Dmoz plugin to spider from the dmoz.org which is the largest

directory database all search engines even google use its database.

If you want to build your own spider, then you have to do programming, see the cgi file :


this pice of code shows how your links should be stored in the file name submissions.txt

under the folder data/submissions

Code: Perl    Select All    Expand All
sub Split_Spidered_Link{
my ($Link) = @_;
my (%URL);
   undef %URL;

    (   $URL{ID},
   ) = split(/\~\|\|\~/$Link);

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