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What mods could I be missing Anyone? Edit Delete Reply with quote Quote
First Post Posted on: 11-24-10 11:52 PM next post first post
I need to be able to use Authorize .net and PayPal but don't know what mods I am missing.. anyone know so I can put them in?\ \ I also Can't seem to get the Banking feature in Money manager to transfer .. Error says Check account info.. the bank info is correct. Is there a mod for the add a bank account feature also?\ \ Here are all the mods I show I have:\ File::Copy Installed\ \ DBI Installed\ \ DBD::mysql Installed\ \ Cwd Installed\ \ GD Installed\ \ Net::SMTP Installed\ \ LWP::Simple Installed\ \ LWP::UserAgent Installed\ \ Archive::Zip Installed\ \ constant Installed\ \ Crypt::SSLeay Installed\ \ Time::Local Installed\ \ HTML::LinkExtor Installed\ \ URI::URL Installed\ \ HTML::Parser Installed\ \ HTML::Entities Installed\ \ HTML::HeadParser Installed\ \ CGI::Carp Installed\ \ Carp::Heavy Installed\ \ LWP::UserAgent Installed\ \ Business::OnlinePayment Installed\ \ Finance::Quote Installed\ \ Finance::QuoteHist Installed\ \ Net::FTP Installed \ \ DBI Installed Drivers and Data Sources \ \ Thank for anyones help here.. I have tried every thing.. \ \ Chris
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Re: What mods could I be missing Anyone? Edit Delete Reply with quote Quote
Reply #: 1 Posted on: 11-25-10 03:09 PM last post previous post
Search these forums and no need to repeat the same questions.

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