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Main Features


SQL database driven 100%
Unlimited categories levels
Static and dynamic live output
Full accounting system
Keywords and Category Position Bidding
Fully integrated banner server
Database management
Multi - lingual
Website builder
Submissions control
HTML Template based
Custom functions
External programs integration
Unlimited mailing lists
Easy setup wizards
Very customizable
Credit card processing
Paypal full automatic integration
Spider Sites


SQL database driven 100%

SQL databases are the most powerful database systems until this moment that can handle several Gig bytes of information safely with the highest search speed and information retrieval. Based on this Mewsoft search engine built with all its databases using SQL (mySQL, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, or any Ansi SQL Database). This includes all the categories, mailing lists, accounts, users information, websites information, ratings, statistics and any data used by the software. This makes the software unlimited in its capacity and speed which puts the software in race with the major big search engine now on the net.


Unlimited categories levels

The software has built in category manager in the admin center which allows to create unlimited number of categories and subcategories levels. Since the categories are stored also in SQL database then its is unlimited practically. Each category and subcategory can be configured separately for generating Meta Tags (title, description, keywords), using templates, sort order, display under its parent category as a teaser, html customizations, and more.


Static and Dynamic Live Output

Mewsoft search engine is actually two search engine from its infrastructure. All major known search engines are either free which uses static output like Yahoo.com or pay per click which generates dynamic output in real time like Goto.com. Mewsoft search engine assembles these two types of search engines. This means that Mewsoft Engine can be used to build a directory or search engine with dynamic output which works as pay per click engine, or build a directory or search engine with static html pages.

Which one to use Dynamic Live Output or Static HTML pages?

The answer is what you want to use the search engine for? and how you want to generate revenue from your website or your search engine.

Dynamic Output:

If you plan to build your search engine to be pay per click or pay per impressions then you have to use dynamic live output. In this mode the software will position websites depending on their bids and will sort search results based on the search terms bids.

Static Output:

If you plan to build traditional directory or search engine or static website with static html pages that updated only when you want, then you run the engine in static mode. In static mode the html pages will update only every time you run the build directory from the admin center or you can automate it with Crontab or similar programs on your system.


Full accounting system

Since the software was build to make revenue from submissions and surfers, then it was necessary to include an advanced, user and admin friendly account manager system.

 For the user side, the account manager interface allows full control over his listings and bids and money. Users can submit listings, new search terms, change bids, delete or update current listings, update profiles, view or download summary or full detailed statistics report for their clicks and account activity and more.

 For the admin the accounting system allows full control over users accounts, deposits, debits, review, disable, enable,  update or remove. 


Keywords and Category Position Bidding

Modeled after the very popular "Goto.com" system with more power and features and flexibility. When the admin require that users must open accounts before submitting lists to the search engine, they open account and from inside this account manager they can add listings, search terms related to their listings.

 From the account manager they can bid on search terms and determine their placements in search results and also they can bid on their category listings position.

 Listings with the highest bid on the current search terms or category will be listed first and thereafter in order of the bid amount. The charge method is determined by the admin, either charge "Pay Per Click" where only the system will charge the bid value when the link or listing is clicked by a surfer and this is the well know system now for paid search engine.

 The second method of charging is "Pay Per Impression" which will charge the users every time their listings is displayed for the surfer and this system is not efficient since the user listings could be displayed thousands of times per day with no clicks. The pay per click system is the best for both the advertiser or listings owner and the search engine owner. For the listings owner it is very cost effective since they pays only for actual clicks to their websites, for the search engine owner it will encourage the users or websites owners to bid high and always try to be in the top listings whatever the bid reaches since they only pay for actual clicks and not impressions, this will make the competition on the top positions always which led to high revenue

How this system works?
A webmaster or listings owners with a listing in your search engine will open an account and make a deposits into it and you determine the minimum deposit and minimum bid.

 Once a deposit has been made, the webmaster from his account manager will place bids on certain search terms or categories positions. These bids represent the amount of money the webmaster is willing to pay you each time someone clicks on their listing.

 When a listing is clicked, his balance will be deducted the bid amount . Once the webmaster's account reaches 0.00, all account bids will be disabled, and the listing returns to its normal position in the search results until he make another deposit and so on.

For example, assume you set your minimum deposit to $50.00. If 100 webmasters decide to open accounts, and make the initial deposit, you've just made $5000.00. As the webmasters who've made deposits begin to see themselves near the top of search results, and start getting more and more traffic from you, they'll make another deposits and increase their bids trying to be on the top of search results and category position and Word gets out and another 100 more webmasters sign up and the real business continues, think if you have thousands of real business websites who can spent thousands of dollars per day to get traffic from you.


Fully Integrated Banner Server

The search engine is integrated with full banner manager software SQL database driven same as the engine itself to handle millions of impressions per day for heavy traffic sites.

 The banner server allow to create and manage unlimited accounts, campaigns and banner zones or groups or locations on your templates. The banner also can be used directly on your other sites and your static or dynamic pages either with direct call or with SSI.

 All banner call are done from the same main banner program for all zones so you do not need to copy scripts or configure anything. The banner also has a cash buster to avoid browsers to cash banners images.

The banner server also has a full client and admin report area so all your banner advertisers will have a login to the stats area to check their campaigns stats in different format either daily or hourly report for every individual campaign.


Database Management

The software admin center has many tools to manage and control everything in the system database. This includes tools also for managing the SQL server itself. Among these database and SQL server tools are:

  • Backup or export the whole SQL database into deleimited ascii text file.
  • Loading or importing the SQL database from ascii deleimited text files.
  • Unloading and Loading SQL tables separately.
  • Viewing SQL server variables and current status.
  • Empty, delete, optimize, check SQL tables separately.
  • Mass deletion of links based on any criteria


Multi - Lingual

The software admin center has a language manager that allows  you to create unlimited number of languages and translate any language online or on your local PC in just a minutes.

 The software by default comes with the English language, any additional languages you need just create it from the language manager and translate the text in minutes. 

The software use all the languages available in real time which allows the surfers and users to select which language they want and the software will keep their preferences using cookies so they need to select the language only the first time they visit the site. 

The language manager will create new languages, delete languages, edit languages text or search languages for certain text.


Website Builder

Mewsoft search engine is not limited only to building the directory or search engine, but also building most of the rest of the websites tools. This includes, building About Us page, Contact Us form, Announcements system with full admin control, Copyright page, Privacy Page, Terms of use page, Search help page, Advertise page, Full help system indexed book style which allows adding any number of help pages easily from the language manager well organized help system.


Submissions control

The software has admin options to automate all the submissions to go directly to the database or to manually review, edit and approve all new submissions, request changes.

 Submissions includes websites listings, new search terms, request to change current listings.

 If you are not concerned about the directory contents then you can set it to automatically accept all new submissions and it will go directly to the database and live for searching and browsing. 

 If you are concerned about the quality of your directory or search engine then you must review, edit and approve all new submissions which includes new listings and search terms.


HTML Template based

One of the most powerful features of this software is its using for pure html templates for every single byte generated by the software.

 This means there is no limit on the customizations the same as you edit normal html pages.

 In addition to listing templates, you can define templates for category listings, and featured sites and you can define a template for every category or for specific categories only.

 Not only templates for the pages generated by the software but also for every form, hyperlinks, cgi generated output, listings, navigations, and everything the program prints to the output is customizable.

 You can define an unlimited number of listing templates and assign a different template for each listing in the search engine to use.


Custom functions

The software has built in script editor in the admin center which allow you to write your own HTML, Perl and JS functions and insert the output to the templates with the rest of the program output.

 Custom functions can use the current program templates as well as you can define new templates to be used. This means you can build new functions with its own templates.


External programs integration

Not only you can build your own custom Perl functions but also you can directly integrate your current scripts and programs with the software and insert the programs output in the templates directly. There are many built in classes to run SSI functions from inside the templates.


Unlimited mailing lists

SQL based mailing lists unlimited in its capacity for each list. The admin center "Mail manager" has full utilities to manage unlimited number of mailing lists and mass email:

  • Create, edit mail letter
  • Create unlimited lists
  • Add, Delete subscribers
  • Add, delete lists
  • Send mass email to lists
  • Select mail format text, or html


Easy setup wizard

The software is very easy to install and configure even for just beginners. No need to be programmer  or professional to run or manage the software on your server, all you need is the general internet stuff, like how to use any ftp program to transfer files, how to change files permissions, very little html to customize the templates or links to your look and feel.

The software comes with built in NetShield Wizard which is another Mewsoft Product. This wizard will guide any one by answering few questions t o install the program on any server or computer.


Very customizable

The first thing you must search in any software is how far is it customizable. Whatever its function if it is not 100% customizable then it looses at least 80% of its value.

 Mewsoft search engine like all Mewsoft products is very customizable. There is no single byte that is not customizable. Lets explain this shortly

 The software uses html templates for the body of the pages that generated. Inside these html templates are the output of the executables programs and the text itself.

Now the software is multi-lingual, which means the same text should be in different languages and this is done by inserting language variables inside the templates between "[[" and "]]". 

For example, a field form that has text label "Please enter your first name" this has assigned a variable name for example first_name, to insert this label in the template just insert it like this [[first_name]]. When the surfer selects specific language this variable will be translated to from the language selected.

 This shows that you can move this language variable anywhere inside your template. The value of the language variables itself you change it from the language file, so you edit it to anything you want.

Second, the executables programs output is inserted inside these html templates in two methods.

 The first method is by using Plugins between comments like this <!--Webste_Title-->, this will draw an input text box for the surfer to enter the website title. Of course you move this Plugin anywhere inside your templates.

 The second method is using what we called it Classes in the form <!--CLASS::Search_Category:40-->, this will draw a search box and its width is 40 characters, the search box form itself is customized and has its own template, you can change the box width by changing the number 40 to anything.

 So basically everything the program prints out is customizable and you have full control over the look and feel. You can use any WYSWYG html editor like FrontPage or else to edit the templates. The admin center has built in html template editor online.


Credit card processing

Full integration for processing credit cards online in real time and depositing the money directly to your merchant account and crediting the users accounts with interface to major online credit card providers, currently the software directly support Authroize.Net, iBill, Quick Commerce, Planet Payment, Plug n Pay. 

Also if you do not have a merchant account you still can use all other methods for accepting payments like mail payments by check, money order, or using third parties like Paypal or else. Once you receive the payments in any way you make the deposit manually to the user account from the admin center accounts manager and it will show directly in the user account manager in his balance.


Paypal Full Automatic Integration

The search engine is fully integrated with built in functions for accepting online payment by credit cards and electronic checks (e-check) through the online payment processor Paypal. For more information or to get your free account with Paypal and start immediately accepting payment online in real time, please check Paypal website at www.paypal.com.


Spider Sites

The engine has a built in utility to let the administrator to add sites automatically to the system database with this spider sites. All you do is just enter the websites address and the spider will visit these sites and grab all the required information then submit it to the pending Sipdered submissions for manual approve later.

The spider also has built in links extractor function to extract all the links on any web page which then is exported to the spider for spidering.


Copyright 2001-2004 Mewsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.