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Server Backup



 Backup Form



The Server Backup tools is an easy online backup utility to do backup of your server at any time. It is very important to backup your server at least daily to avoid any system crash. If your system crash for any reason, the only thing that will help you at this time is the backup, nothing and no one can help without this backup.


Backup Form

The backup form once you fill it out for the first time it will be saved by the system for later use and no need to refill it again unless you want to modify it.

Please fill the form according to the backup software available on your server and the directories you want to backup. It is very recommended that you backup your whole site or your main two cgi and html directories which will backup all your directories.

Backup command on your system
Please check or ask your system administrator which backup software is available for you to use on your server and enter the program name and any options you want to pass to this backup program.

Compress command on your system
It is also very recommended to compress the backup file to conserve your server disk space and for faster downloads and uploads. If your server has a compression program please enter it and any options you want to pass to that program. If you do not have a compression program just leave field this empty and it will be ignored by the system.

Complete backup file name and path
This should be set to the full path and file name of the backup file that will be created. Please be sure to use your server absolute path, the path from your server root directory and also the file name with the extension. For example if your server root directory is /usr/www/domain.com/html and you want the backup file name to be backup_today.tar then the full file name should be


This will create the backup file backup_today.tar in your root directory /usr/www/domain.com/html.

Please note that all backup files or tar and zip files are binary files and must be downloaded and uploaded in binary format.

Directories to backup
Enter in this text box all the individual directories on your server that you want to backup. Please note the directories must be absolute which means the full path from your server root. Separate the directories by a space. You may enter unlimited number of directories to backup.

Database Backup
It is very recommended before your create this backup is to unload your SQL database which will create a backup of all the system database under your cgi-bin directory. This insures that you have a full backup of your server and your SQL database.



Please do not make a backup file to your root html directory or any html directory accessible by the user and just leave the backup file their in it. Any user can download the backup file to his computer and have all your server, please be very careful. My suggestion is to create a hidden or password protected directory under your main cgi-bin directory.

Most cgi-bin directories will not allow users or surfers to download files. It is also recommended you download the backup file once created and delete it from the server as additional step for security.

Another security hole due to the scripts that allow running cgi files from any directory, please note if your permissions are not set correctly on all the files, any one will be able to download all your server files and database.


Server Backup

  What's This?   
Backup command on your system:
Compress command on your system:
Complete backup file name and path:
Directories to backup:
Separate directories by a space


Figure (1) Server Backup Form.






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