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Mewsoft Search Engine Overview


Search Engines Overview

 Search engines are what everyone sees when first comes to the internet. This means that, search engines are the heart of the internet, without search engines on the net no one will hear about your site or business online unless you do tell them about it. This shows how the importance of these powerful search engines to make the connections on the internet between businesses, customers, buyers, sellers, looking for fun or sports or news or anything else.

 First when the internet started like everything else a few search engines started and realized this like Yahoo® and AltaVista®. Now the internet has millions of websites and businesses that submitted to these search engines everyday. This makes these search engine more general not specified in certain fields or dedicated to specific industry or education. What this lead these search engines, is to becomes worse since their database have millions of websites and every website uses the popular keywords to let their website appears in every search and misled the surfers, which means that when you search for specific field you will get hundreds of thousands of websites most of them not in your interest or field and the few websites that you might be looking for will be lost among them.

Now it comes the time to the very specialized search engines. Search engines must be dedicated to specific industry, profession, education, hobby, or your business whatever. When these very specialized search engines appear there will be no place for these big and general search engines, they will disappear.


Why Every Business, Profession, Education, Industry or Hobby Needs a Search Engine?

What's your business or profession?. Are you an engineer?. Are you a doctor?. Is fishing your killing hobby?. Do you have your own store or business?. What you do for living?. Whatever you have or do, you need to build a search engine to it.

Do you know that big search engines like Yahoo® have over 350,000 categories?. So where do you think your website will be listed, how will internet surfers find your website between these hundreds of thousands of categories and millions of other websites?. The answer is almost impossible for your site to be found easily on these big and general search engine. This only proofs the needs for the very specialized search engines. Build your own search engine right now.

What search engine on the net you dream to have?. is it goto®, google®, Yahoo®, Infoseek®, or AltaVista® ?. Now only you can have your dream real with Mewsoft Engine.


Mewsoft Search Engine Overview

Mewsoft search engine is the first affordable product of its kind for everyone. 

Mewsoft Search Engine is the last word in search engines Modeled after the very popular "Goto.com" system with more power, SQL database driven with mySQL, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, or any Ansi SQL Database, complete ecommerce solution for making money by allowing the users to bid on search terms and their listings positions in the categories and featured locations. 

This is the real machine for your business to make money by accepting paid and free listings. Fully integrated accounting and Billing system with interface with most merchant accounts providers and online payment services.

Mewsoft Engine is 100%  SQL database driven, all the database, even mailing lists, and categories is using SQL database which puts the engine software on the top of performance and speed with unlimited capacity. It is very customizable from the web based administration interface and using html templates with easy classes and plugins.

The software is designed for maximum performance using a modular design for speed and efficiency. Support  for either building dynamic and live output or fast static html pages for building full directory not only the main directory pages but even also the rest of the website including announcements, contact us, advertising, about us, help index and help pages, browsing categories, full accounting system for users with full statistics and account activity history.

 The software can be used to build free search engine or directory or paid search engine by allowing webmasters and websites owners to bid on search terms and their listing positions in categories. The software can be set to charge for only clicks on the links or for the impressions only when every time the link is displayed for the surfer.

 This is the new real technology that in some day will only be used on all search engines. It is a good way for the search engine owners to make money and also it is a low cost and good advertising for the websites and listings owners.

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