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General Classes






The program is built using a Mewsoft Class technology. The classes are method of inserting the cgi and executables programs output into normal static html pages. This makes the program very customizable to any look and feel since you can move these classes anywhere in the static html pages.

The classes itself are also customizable either by functions in the administration center or by code in the language files or an html code in another html page or template. This makes the possibilities for the customization endless, limited only to your imagination.

General classes are normally available for any template and you can also use it in your custom and content management pages.

You can also create your own classes easily which can be used the same way in your templates as general classes.



The general format for the classes is:


This is the most common format for the classes that does not need to pass any parameters to the program for extra customizations or commands to be executed. For example to insert the Header class in your templates, just insert the following code:


There is another format for the classes which needs to pass some information in the Parameters to the program to modify its output or execute specific commands.


For example the date class has a parameter to pass to choose from different date formats as follows:


Where xx is a number that can be from 0 to 11 or so to specify the format the date must be printed in the template. This allows to customize the same class in many locations in the same template and in different templates.

The program has many classes to list here. Classes listed in General Classes are classes that can be used in any template and normally it is used for code that need to be generated or used by most of the program output and in most of the templates. Examples to be used are the templates html pages headers code, footers code, navigations, menus, search boxes, and more.

Classes listed in General Classes menu are built in classes, the names of these classes can not be changed, but the code inside each class and the usage can be changed to anything. For example the Header class not required to be the header code for the html pages, it could be anything else as long as you know what you are doing.

To edit a class, select the class name from the drop down menu and edit it in the text box. once finished editing save the class.

Classes MyClass_1 to MyClass_10 are spare classes that you can use for just anything and also these classes are available for all the templates. This means you can use these classes in any template and the program will insert its code in it.

Calling these classes in your templates is simple in the usual way as follows:

<!--CLASS::MyClass_1--> ,... <!--CLASS::MyClass_10-->

You can also create your own classes using the script integrator editor. Custom classes has the following format:


Where Class_Name is the name of your custom function which generate the code for this class. For more information about custom classes please see the script integrator editor.

For example if you create a custom class called Menu then you can call this class in your templates as follows:


The final word is classes usage is limited only to your imagination in customization and design and also coding.


General Classes

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Create New General Class:  

Figure (1) General Classes.




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