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Special Classes





Special classes are classes used to customize the program output on special outputs basis like listing results in tables or forms.



In most cases when the program output the results or code into a table, the table body itself is either embedded directly in the templates on in a class. The tables rows are formatted in two classes in most cases for better customizations so you can use two alternate colors for example for tables rows. These tables classes are normally name with the same name for the two rows except the second row has extra number or letters.

For example the table that is used to view the report page has the following two classes:


Note the difference is only the letter 1 in the second class. This makes it easy for customization. In most cases the class name is more than enough to tell where this class is used in the templates.

Classes also can have another classes inside them, so you can nest classes within each other.


Special Classes

  What's This?   

Figure (1) Special Classes.



Special Classes


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