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Language Manager


 Prepare All Available Languages
 Default Language
 Edit Language
 Delete Language
 Create Language
 Search Language



Language manager tools lets you create unlimited new language in seconds, translate and edit languages, delete languages, add new language variables, and search language pages for specific text. Figure (1) shows the language manager page.


Prepare All Available Languages

This option will let the program search for all current languages available to the system and save them in the configuration. This option is needed at the first time you install the program or after you delete languages manually and also after you create languages manually.


Language Manager

  What's This?   

  Prepare All Available Languages

    Set Default Language


Select Language:


    Edit Language


Select Language:

Select File:


    Delete Language


Select Language:


    Create New Language


Based on Language:

New Language Name:


    Search Language


Language to search:

Text to search for:


Figure (1) Language Manager.


Default Language

From the drop down menu choose the language that you want to be your user default language. The user after the first visit can choose any other language and the program will save his preferences using a cookie on his local computer so next time he login to your site it will be set not to the default language set by the admin but will be set to the language chosen by the user which is saved in the cookie.


Edit Language

This tool will let you edit any text in any language file. Select the language you want to edit and select the specific file and click edit button. This will open the file selected in the language editor which is very well organized in an easy to edit form. The language editor is two columns the first is the variable name which is used internally by the program to reference the specified text. The second column is the text values for the variables which can be anything in any language as long as your server operating system is able to read these characters. The text values also can have any HTML or JavaScript code.

You can add unlimited new language variables to any language file and use these variables in in any template. You can add the language variables manually directly in the language files in the with any text editor in the following format:

language_variable_name~==~My Text Goes Here and HTML or JS Code.

then in your templates where you want to display this text just insert the language variable between << and >> as following:


The program will replace <<language_variable_name>> in your templates with the text itself "My Text Goes Here and HTML or JS Code.".

The second method to create new language variables is from the language editor, the form Add New Language Object to This File.

Object Name(Case Sensitive): enter the language variable name, no spaces for example language_variable_name.

Object Text Value (HTML is allowed): enter the text vales of html code you want to display in your templates for example "My Text Goes Here and HTML or JS Code.".

The next time you load the page the new variable will be displayed normal with the original variables.


Delete Language

Be careful when using this option. If you decided to delete any language, then from this drop down menu select the language you want to delete and click the button "Delete". The directory of the selected language to delete will be totally deleted and all its files. The deleted language can not be redone so please try to make a backup from the files first you may need it later.


Create Language

This option will allow you create and prepare a new language to be added to the list of the current program languages. From the drop down menu "Based on Language" select the language that you want the new language to be copied from. The default program language is the English. The next step is to enter the new language name that you want to create in the text box "New Language Name" then click on "Create" button. The program will create the language and do Initialize Languages and return to the same menu but the new language will be added to all of the drop down menus. Please use a valid filename characters only for the language names, language names are used to create a directory with the same name.


Search Language

This is very useful tool to search any all the files of a specific language for some text to replace or edit. First select the language you want to search its files for text, then enter the text you want to find in the search box. The program will display the search results in an easy format so you can jump directly to the language variables you are looking for. It will display the file name, the variable name , and the order number of the variable in the language editor so you just need to click on the filename and go to that variable number to change it.

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