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Setup Wizard



 Create All Engine SQL Tables
 Check Directories
 View Program Files Permissions
 Display Server Configuration



The setup wizard tools will help you install configure and the program easily.


Create All Engine SQL Tables

This will create all the SQL tables required for the program. You need to click this only once after the installation. If you try to click this link again you will received error messages from the SQL server that these tables already exists.

If you have deleted tables you can use this tool also again to recreate it, error messages will display for already existing tables and non existing tables will be created.


Setup Wizard

  What's This?   
 Create All Engine SQL Tables
 Check Directories
 View Program Files Permissions
 Display Server Configuration

Figure (1) Setup Wizard Main Menu.


Check Directories

This tools will check your program directory structure. It will try to create any directory not found. It also will try to set the correct permissions for directories that should be writeables or executables and has the wrong permissions.

On Windows systems the program will not be able to set permissions, you should do it from the server admin tools or control panel.


Check Program Directories

  What's This?   
Directory Status Permissions Action
c:/apache/cgi-bin/dir OK OK
c:/apache/htdocs/dirs OK OK
c:/apache/cgi-bin/dir/data OK OK
c:/apache/cgi-bin/dir/data/lib OK OK
c:/apache/cgi-bin/dir/data/database OK OK
c:/apache/cgi-bin/dir/data/language OK OK
c:/apache/cgi-bin/dir/data/lock OK OK
c:/apache/cgi-bin/dir/data/mail OK OK
c:/apache/cgi-bin/dir/data/submissions OK OK
c:/apache/cgi-bin/dir/data/temp OK OK
c:/apache/cgi-bin/dir/data/templates OK OK
c:/apache/htdocs/dirs/backup OK OK
c:/apache/htdocs/dirs/download OK OK
c:/apache/htdocs/dirs/upload OK OK
c:/apache/htdocs/dirs/images OK OK
Congratulations, All tests passed.

Figure (2) Check Directories.


View Program Files Permissions

This tools will display all the program directories and files with their permissions, Read, Write, or Execute. This will help you spot any non correct files or directories permissions.


Display Server Configuration

This tool will display the server environment information as well as all Perl modules installed on the server and will test the modules and programs required to be installed for the system to run correctly.


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